Affordable Ways to Have Fun in Salem, OR

Whether your house will soon be full of painters and want to avoid being underfoot, or you just have a free day to play, Salem has tons to offer residents and visitors alike.

The name Salem was coined from the Greek word “Shalom” that means Peace. Salem has lived up to its name, offering visitors even more. The city is not only open and inviting, but also filled with peace and tranquility. You can have fun in the city for little or even nothing.

Here are some of the affordable ways in which you can have fun in Salem, OR:

Top 4 Ways to Have Fun in Salem without Spending Much

1. Take the Salem’s Heritage Trail Tour

The Salem Heritage trail is designed to help visitors follow the historic path of Salem by leading you to different landmarks and points of interest. The Salem Heritage trail is marked on the pavement with red paint.

It traverses various destinations such as the Witch House and Museum, Pickering Wharf, House of Seven Gables, The National Park service, The Peabody Essex Museum, and the Statue of Samantha Stevens, among others.

The trail also takes you through local shops and businesses so you get a full glimpse of Salem city. With just a little research or just by using the city guide, you can complete Salem’s Heritage Trail on your own.

2. Watch a Movie

You do not have to spend so much to enjoy watching a movie in Salem. Get reasonably priced tickets at the Salem Cinema or the Northern Lights Theater Pub.

At Salem Cinema, tickets go for $7 for early showings and $9 for general admission, while at Northern Lights Theater pub they are only $3 for a regular movie and $6 for a 3D movie.

At the Northern Lights Theater pub, there’s a full menu with drinks and foods that are reasonably priced. This place is dubbed the most affordable place in Salem.

3. Go Swimming in Holes or at the Willamette River

If you are a pro swimmer you can enjoy swimming at the Willamette River. Caution should be taken because the river can be deep and fast. There are also many safe holes and spots along the river that you can visit for cheap swimming at points where the waters are safe.

For instance, to the north of the river, there are so many swimming holes. One spot not far from Salem is the Willamette mission park. Here you are charged $5 for a day. There are also reasonably priced picnic and camping facilities for hire at such parks.

The Santiam River also offers great swimming holes near Salem most of which charge little fees for an entire day.

4. Take a Stroll in the City or along Free Beaches

There is a lot of scenery, fresh air and breathtaking architecture to captivate you while taking a stroll in Salem. There are many designated paths for walking and biking in the city so you never have to worry about being stuck in traffic.

There are also free beaches such as the Willows where you can take a stroll and even enjoy the famous chop suey sandwiches for less than $2.

With these and many other affordable ways to have fun in Salem, you do not have to splurge or cut your vacation short.