Cabinet Painting and Staining: How to Add Value and Appeal to Your Kitchen

Cabinet painting and staining can add value and appeal to your cooking space. Whether you decide to change the finishing color or slightly change your existing tone, your kitchen will have a completely new look. Here’s how you can increase your kitchen value and appearance through cabinet painting and staining.

1. Select the Right Interior Paint
Paints are manufactured for use on varied surfaces ranging from exterior to interior surfaces. The first thing you must do is choose a paint color made specifically for use on cabinet surfaces. Find a paint that’s chipping resistant and washable with warm or cold water.

It should be durable, adhere well to surfaces and stain resistant. Make sure it’s low or zero VOC and gives an exceptional finish.

2. Choose a Color that Complements the Rest of the Kitchen
Look around for colors imminent in your kitchen. The floor, appliances, backsplash and worktops often come in distinct colors. Choose a cabinetry paint color that complements, contrasts, or matches other prevailing colors in your kitchen. You definitely want cabinet colors that go well with your appliances for a beautiful look.

3. Change Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet handles and other hardware come in all sorts of finishes. Replace them to match your new cabinet paint color or stain. That’s also the time to repair damaged hardware in case you decide to keep your existing handles and knobs.

4. White Finish on Your Cabinets
Adding a white finish on your kitchen cabinets is a sure way to give your kitchen a modern touch. White is clean with fine, white lines and blend easily into almost any existing kitchen interior décor.

5. Wood Tones
Kitchen cabinets with natural wood tones are warm and cozy for traditional or rustic designs. They give your kitchen a natural look and make your interior space look and feel warm and inviting.

Other Ways of Adding Value in Your Kitchen

In addition to painting and staining your kitchen cabinets, you can enhance the appearance and value of your kitchen in the following ways:

6. Change Your Kitchen Backsplash
Kitchen backsplashes are the focal point of these interior spaces. Changing the material, texture and color of your backsplash can give your kitchen an instant new look.

7. Change Flooring
Change your flooring to upgrade the look of your kitchen. You can change the type of flooring you have or simply paint wooden floors for a different look.

8. Add Modern Appliances
If your kitchen was built decades ago, adding a few modern appliances can change its appearance and functionality. Modern appliances come in a range of finishes that can brighten your traditional kitchen interior.

9. Painting Walls
Paint your kitchen walls with bright colors such as yellows and oranges for a relaxing environment. Moreover, the colors are appetizing, preparing you for meal times.
Whether you want to sell your home in the future or simply want a new look in your home, upgrading your kitchen is one way of achieving your desired look in your cooking space.

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