The Best Exterior Paint Schemes for Northwest Homes

The Northwest region is known for its lush green scenes and gray skies. You can paint the exterior of your home to stand out in the unique color palette of your natural environment. Washington receives 115 inches of rain annually on average. As a result, the state booms with leafy foliage, trees and low sunlight.

Using golden yellow, salmon, olive green and blue-green vibrant colors on your exterior walls can make a bold statement. Supplementing dark colors such as deep grey with a trim in a lighter tone can also give your home an attractive look.

• Accentuate with Bright Colors
Accentuate your home with unique pop colors for fun, dynamic appearance in your neighborhood with subdued houses. Draw inspiration from the shrubs and flowers blooming around your house and other surrounding foliage. Look around the environment where your home sits. What colors can you see? Is there anything you find attractive and uplifting?

Do you have a flower garden on your natural landscape? Accentuate it with bright accent colors for a matching look. For instance, you can use cranberry red, olive or sage to complement your red rose garden. A dark purple trim on your exterior walls can complement your garden with lavender colors.

• Inspiring Colors
What colors do you find inspiring? Look around your neighborhood for colors that inspire you. You can also check design magazines and websites for colors that can ignite inspiration in you. Create a list of inspiring colors and those you totally detest.

Ask your friends and family to help you pick the colors that would look the best on your exterior walls against the natural backdrop of neutrals. Test the colors outside in natural light to ensure that what you see is the exact tones you’ll have on your exterior walls.

• Relaxing & Calming Colors
Relaxing and calming colors on your home’s exterior walls can make it look and feel like a sanctuary. Choose colors that make your mind relax and calm. Honey yellows, light earthy browns and wheat tones won’t just brighten the exterior of your home, but also give it life.

Calming colors would make your home a haven of rejuvenation and rest, especially after a long day at work. As a result, the colors are both functional due to their therapeutic, relaxing effects and decorative as they enhance the look of your home.

The moment a visitor gets to your front yard, they’ll have a good impression of your home and thus can expect even better indoors. However, if you want a grounding, soothing effect outdoors, opt for greens, dark blues and grays on your exterior walls.

Whichever colors you pick, your home is bound to have an effect on you, your family and visitors or even neighbors, psychologically and physically. Make sure you pick a good painter and painting contractor to work on your exterior walls.

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