Family Fun Attractions in Salem, OR

A good family fun day requires that you pick the best attractions. These are places that don’t just engage adults, but also children. The places should be easily accessible and offer various foods because kids get hungry quickly.

Fun activities that engage the entire family allows everyone to take part in them. Moreover, adults and kids get to spend time together and strengthen family bonds. Here are some of the many family fun attractions you can visit in Salem, OR for the best time together:

Top 3 Must-Visit Family Fun Attractions in Salem

1. Gilbert House Children’s Museum

This museum was started in 1989 and is meant to help ignite the natural curiosity of children. The museum hosts different exhibits that are located in three different historic houses namely: the Rockenfield house, Gilbert House and Parrish house.

The museum offers 15 different hands-on activities that are not only fun, but also challenging enough to engage children for long. They also offer educational programs in sciences, arts and humanities for hands-on experiences. It is also a great place for holding children’s birthday parties and other events.

Adults can also enjoy planned events such as the science night for adults. The night entails learning lots about science with live entertainment, food and so much more.

2. Salem’s Riverfront Carousel

This carousel was created by Hazel Patton. It celebrates the heritage of Salem. On the carousel are intricate carved scenes and beautiful art decorations on the horses and wagons that were developed by local artists and woodcarvers to celebrate the history and heritage of Salem.

As the ride starts, the Organ Music also starts playing. The carousel overlooks the Riverfront Park. Riding the Riverfront Carousel is always a great experience as the Carousel takes you through the magical journey of Salem’s heritage. They also offer services for parties and food is available.

3. Enchanted Forest Theme Park

This park stands on 20 acres of themed land with different rides and outdoor activities for adults and kids to participate in. The park was opened back in 1971 by the creator Roger Tofte. The park also offers dining and shopping facilities in their gift shops.

There is so much for the whole family to enjoy, including bumper cars, Tiny Tune Train, a carousel, Kiddy Ferris wheel, Bumper boats, Timber log ride, and so much more. For the attractions you can enjoy the Tofteville Western Town, Old European Village, and Fantasy Fountains.

In the Story book Lane, kids can get into the castle and see all of their favorite storybook characters coming to life. They can get through the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland, go to the crooked man’s house, and the witch’s castle, amongst many others.

These are not the only family fun attractions that you can visit in Salem, OR. There are many others, depending on your interests and those of your children. These, however, have the interests of the entire family at heart and safety for children is always emphasized.

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