Things to Do in Salem, OR

Salem is located at the center of the Willamette Valley along the Willamette River. It is the Capital city of the state of Oregon and the headquarters of Marion County.

The city is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor adventures. Coupled with the small-town hospitality, visitors are guaranteed a homely feeling as they explore their interests.

Here are some of the things that you can do while in Salem, OR, for a mind blowing and memorable visit:

Top 4 Must-Do Things in Salem

1. Hiking

If you love the outdoors, stretching your legs, breathing in fresh air and taking strolls without leaving the confines of the city then you will enjoy Salem. There are many parks in the city offering exquisite hiking and equestrian trails.

Hike at Willamette Mission Park, Bush’s Pasture Park, State Capitol Park, Minto-Brown Island Park or the Riverside Park. At Willamette Mission Park, you will enjoy seeing the largest black cottonwood tree in the United States.

Enjoy bird watching in Minto Park. The State Capitol Park is home to statues and marble facades, showcasing the history of Salem and Oregon in general.

2. Sightseeing

Salem does not disappoint if you are into sightseeing. There are many sites to explore in the city to keep you engaged and informed of the culture and history of the native people.

Salem, being the capital city, is also home to important landmarks, monuments, points of interest, war memorials, prominent churches, universities and state buildings.

Some of the sites to visit include: Capitol Center, Historic DeepWood Estate, Mahonia Hall, Oregon State Capitol Building and so many others.

3. Touring by Bike

Salem is a bike friendly city. You can tour the city by bike easily along designated routes and paths.

Explore the Historic Downtown Salem Route for cycling that runs for 3 miles, traversing the Oregon State Capitol, Hallie Ford Museum of Art, Reed Opera House and to the World War II Memorial, all in a single trail.

You can also bike through the City’s natural spaces. Visit Minto-Brown Island Park for access to many miles of biking trails and loops to explore.

4. Water Activities

Salem is home to the Willamette River and Water Themed Parks. Therefore, it is not short of water activities and water sports you can engage in. Enjoy activities such as stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and fishing.

Along the river are many boat ramps, campsites and access points from where you can gain access to the main river. Water themed amusement parks you can visit and explore with your kids include the Enchanted Forest, an exciting venue even for small kids.

There is a lot to do in Salem whether you want an easy day out or you really want to be engaged. In many of the parks, you can bike or stroll. The city also has many hotels and restaurants where you can unwind after a long day.

Moreover, activities do not end when night falls as the city is busting with nightlife then. You can also enjoy the city from the skies through balloon flying or even a chopper ride. If that’s not your thing, read about other more affordable things to do in Salem, Oregon.

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