The 10 Best Interior Paint Colors by Rodda Paint

Paint is both decorative and functional. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it can give your home an attractive look. Using colors that reflect your style and personality indoors ensure you get to personalize your home. Paint also creates a protective layer on your walls, ensuring elements such as water don’t get to the structure of your home.

Rodda Paint manufactures all sorts of paints to suit the unique tastes and preferences of homeowners. It makes a range of interior and exterior paints that can give each home a totally new look and feel.

Top 10 Rodda Paint Interior Paint Colors and Stains

1. Lasyn Interior
Lasyn paint has low odor and minimal spatter during application for top performance and easy cleaning. It has excellent spread rate coverage and gives uniform and attractive finishes. Its touch-up and adhesion properties are also excellent. The paint is stain resistant and durable. Choose between eggshell and velvet flat for premium interior finishes.

2. Ultra Low VOC Master Painter
The Master Painter gives a uniform finish and premium touch-up and adhesion performance. It has no odor during application and exceptional hide and coverage. It’s easy to apply and washable for durable use. Choose from satin, flat, semi gloss and satin hi hide sheens.

3. Wall Pro
Wall Pro is a high-build polymer technology paint with minimal odor during application and ultra low VOC for reduced impact on the environment. It has exceptional touch-up, hide and uniform finishing properties. It’s also easy to apply and washable with warm water. Choose from prep, primer, prep HH, satin and flat wall paint sheens.

4. Devine
Devine is a unique, creamy and illuminated interior paint color. The color-illuminating formula exclusive to Rodda Paint is made using high quality pigments to absorb light and radiate authentic, rich colors on your interior walls. The luxurious paint gives interior walls a soft, lush finish that’s washable and durable. It has zero VOC and low odor.

5. Woodmaster Interior Paint
Woodmaster is 100% acrylic, waterborne, enamel formulation that delivers high performance, durability, increased service life and impressive luster. It’s fade, stain and mildew resistant and adheres well even to aged walls. It gives a clean finish and versatile for use indoors and outdoors. Choose from semi-gloss and low gloss finishes.

6. Unique II
Unique II paint is durable, versatile, 100% acrylic and time-tested. It’s easy to apply, has great color, can withstand abuse and is made with strength in mind. It’s also stain and mildew resistant and washable. Choose from semi and low gloss sheens, including yellow, red, blue and green color bases.

7. Renaissance
Renaissance is water-based and has low VOC with the strength and toughness of oil-based paints. It’s easy to apply, has good sag resistance, good flow and high gloss for high performance. It’s also resistance to weather, water and abrasion, in addition to wear and tear. Choose from melamine, semi-gloss and high gloss sheens.

8. Porsalite Alkyd Enamel
This paint has stood the test of time and offers a soft yet tough finish. Choose from low and semi-gloss sheens.

9. Aqua Master Clear Varnish
Aqua Master is an original paint with polyurethane additive for fast and hard drying. It’s versatile and available in gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens.

10. Horizon Zero VOC
Horizon paint is odorless, green and dries quickly. It’s also stain resistant and gives beautiful finishes. Choose from primer, satin, flat and semi-gloss sheens.
With any of these beautiful interior paints, you can give your home an attractive look and layer of protection. Choose green and safe colors in your favorite colors to reflect your style and taste.

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