Dog-Friendly Activities in Salem, Oregon

An active lifestyle is a critical aspect of healthy living. This is true for families as well as their pets. Apart from taking your dog for walks and feeding them with the most nutritious food, you need to engage them in various activities to ensure they live a healthy lifestyle. An active dog exhibits positive behavior, has controlled weight, a high stamina and doesn’t risk developing health issues related to weight.

Here are some fun activities in Salem, OR to engage your dog:

1. Run Leash-Free at the Minto-Brown Island Park
Minto-Brown Island Park has areas specifically designated for dogs to have lots of fun. It’s also home to on-leash trails and provides access to a nearby river. Let your dog have fun and run around this park without leash.

Although it isn’t fenced, many dog owners have never had problems with straying dogs as the area actually looks demarcated. However, if your dog is of a herding breed, you might want to find a fenced park.

2. Take Walks at the Orchards Heights Park
The park has dog-friendly trails you can walk along with your dog or let them run free in the dog designated areas and play with other visiting dogs.
3. Play at the Keizer Rapids Dog Park
The Keizer Rapid Dog Park has enough space for all kinds of dogs. Whether your pet is big or small, there are areas specifically designated for small dogs and big dogs. This ensures that small or shy dogs are safe from big or bullying dogs. Let your dog loose to run around the park and relax their tensed joint muscles while keeping fit.

4. Go for a Picnic at Riverside Drive Dog Park
The Riverside Drive Dog Park covers 4 acres and has areas for small or timid dogs to play and another area for big dogs. The dog-friendly areas feature running water, walkways, garbage cans and pet waste bags for easy access. In summer, the park sets up small pools for dogs to jump in and splash.
Your dog can run around, play with other dogs or engage in any special activities you might want your dog to take part in; most involve running in the open spaces. Although you can visit the park in winter, limited lighting often prevent dog owners from taking their pets for runs in the park.
The park has a mobile toilet for pet owners to help themselves and enough parking space for visitors. Your dog will have access to toys for playing and fresh water picnic tables.

5. Taste Brew at Rogue Farms
Rogue Farms allows pets into their tasting room and has large lawns for you and your dog to play and have lots of fun. Stroll on the garden and along the River Willamette.
These are just a few of the dog-friendly places in Salem with dog-friendly activities for your pet. Based on your dog’s interests and likes, choose a venue you think your dog is bound to have the most fun at.

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