Top 5 Signs You Need New Exterior Paint

A fresh coat of paint doesn’t just protect the exterior of your home, but also gives it a beautiful look. Exterior painting protects structures from all kinds of weather. Therefore, painting your home is both functional and decorative. Proper siding preparation, choosing the best paint and color, and hiring the right painter are key to a successful painting job.

If your home was built years ago, it has probably undergone the worst and best of all kinds of weather. Does your home require a new painting job? Here are the signs to look out for to determine whether your home is ready for exterior painting:

5 Signs the Exterior of Your Home Requires Painting

1. Flaking/Peeling Paint
Is your home’s exterior paint peeling? If paint peels off your exterior walls, it leaves your structures exposed to harsh weather conditions such as rain, sun and snow. Peeling paint is an indication of exposed siding, including wood. The exposed wood can easily rot apart from mildew and mold growing on your siding. If the exposure goes for long, the mold might even get indoors.

2. Damaged Wood and Stucco
Cracks on your stucco and rotting wood indicate that the materials are exposed and thus there’s need for exterior painting. If the damage is beyond repair and there’s need to replace the damaged stucco and wood, finish it off with a coat of paint for protection.

3. Cracks on Caulking
Caulking is a form of sealing often found near your windows and doors. Cracks on your caulking indicate that your home structure isn’t properly sealed. Therefore, water can easily get into your home and pests can use the cracks as entry points into your home. Assess joints and corners connecting to your siding for signs of cracks.
Although fresh caulking can easily seal small cracks, serious gaps and missing parts call for repairs and exterior painting.

4. Fading Exterior Paint
Fading exterior walls are an indication that they need repainting. Rub a soft cloth on the faded areas to find out if there’s any chipping of paint. Water can cause mold and mildew to grow on your walls or even cause warping. Therefore, take the warning sign seriously and invest in exterior painting to give your home a new look and layer of protection.

5. Give Your Home a New Look
You don’t have to wait for rots, chips and cracks on your exterior walls to give them a fresh coat of paint. Your existing outdoor paint color might no longer suit your personality and style or you simply want to give your home an instant new look.

With any of the five signs discussed above, you can change your exterior colors to one of your liking. Hire a good painting contractor to embark on the exterior painting project of your home. Choose the right exterior paint and make sure the color you pick matches or contrast your interior space for a warm, attractive and inviting look in your home.

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