Try These Beautiful Salem OR Local Hikes

Oregon is a beautiful place and if you wish to spend time outdoors, few other places will give you as much peace. If you are a hiking lover, one of the most beautiful places to find trails Salem OR. These serene paths through the forested area will satisfy your need for quiet and help you burn calories while on a spectacular hike. Below is a list of some of the best of the best hiking trails in Salem.

Trail of Ten Falls

This trail is a 40-minute drive from Salem. It is considered a moderate loop hike coming in at 1118 feet of total elevation and 7.1 miles in all. Its mesmerizing waterfalls, beautiful canyon land, and properly maintained trails provide a very nice view to hikers. Bring your friends along and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Willamette Mission Trail

This easy, loop trail located 20 minutes outside of Salem in a historical park is sure to give you some appealing views. Having 4.2 miles of trail and only 55 feet of elevation, this trail can be easily hiked by almost anyone. The park in which it is located has 16 miles of trails to choose from and also provides a home to two lakes and America’s largest black cottonwood.

Little North Santiam Trail

This trail, less than a 1-hour drive from Salem OR is 7.9 miles long and borders the Little North Santiam River, located near Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area. With an elevation of 1496 feet, this trail has a lush green forest area offering hikers a mind-blowing view. Rustic footbridges and babbling creeks make it a must-go trail adventure. Indulge in a peaceful environment for a while and say goodbye to all your worries.

Salem Heritage Tree Walk

This is the easiest hike on the list being only 1.5-miles long and only 19 feet of total elevation. Go with your family or friends and make your hike enjoyable. Want to take your pets also? No worries, take them along and let them enjoy nature, wildlife, and beautiful flowers.

Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park offers an iconic hike having ten beautiful waterfalls, five of them being over 100 feet tall. Hiking behind the falls is a unique experience that every hiker will love. And the trail is impressive to see with historic bridges, landscape, and lodges which are highlighted with gold in autumn and lush green in spring. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience.

Cascade head

Reaching the Oregon coast from Salem OR is a scenic, one-hour drive. Stunning coastal views, lush forests and rare wildflowers are just some of the views hikers will be treated to on the Cascade Head trail. There are a number of other trails that criss-cross Cascade Head, but the best one is the Nature Conservancy Trail that begins on Three Rocks Road. This trail is open throughout the year in any weather. The steep, 2.1 miles climb provides coastal forest to enticing ocean views. It is best to enjoy this path on a sunny day as it can get very muddy after a rainy period.

McDonald Dunn Research Forest

Administered by Oregon State University, this research forest is quite an interesting place to spend some outdoor time. The trail begins at Peavy Arboretum and provides beautiful mountain vistas and a lake on a 4.1-mile loop. It is a must-visit for any hiking lover.

Opal Creek Wilderness

Opal Creek is a favorite of local residents as it has deep green pools, historic old growth trees, and tumbling waterfalls. A visit to this scenic area will leave you awestruck given its ample wildlife. The trail follows the Little North Santiam over bridges and takes you to the amazing Opal Pool. With 10 miles distance, this is not a quick hike and you will want to be sure to pack all the necessary hiking gear.
If you are a Salem local or you are looking for epic hiking, Salem OR area, these beautiful places will allow you to explore your inner self and indulge in the natural surroundings.

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Try These Beautiful Salem OR Local Hikes

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